Saturday 28 March 2015

Easter Cards with Postsnap

Easter rolls around every year and I always mean to send out some nice Easter cards to our nearest and dearest but somehow I never get round to it!

I have blogged about Postsnap before (see here) but really like the ease of sending cards using their app. After discovering a new Easter greetings card range,  I had no excuses not to send cards!

There are a wide range of styles for Easter cards and I love the colour schemes - it took me a while to decide which one to go for!

Once I'd narrowed down my choices to one, I was able to upload a photo directly from Facebook and play around with the colours and text on the card. You can even add different effects to your photo, very handy if you want to brighten it up or have it black and white.

The whole process was very quick and the app is very user-friendly. It even gives you the option of sending a duplicate card to a different recipient. The cards cost £3 which includes delivery - definitely worth it, so convenient being able to send from the iPad and saves battling the crowds in town ;)

Visit the Postsnap website for more information or download the app to get started! 

Disclaimer: We received credit to send this Easter card for the  purpose of this honest review. All views are my own

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