Sunday 8 March 2015

Bluestone National Park Resort - Days 3 & 4

Day 3 - Folly Farm 

Day 3 and we woke to another bright, clear day - perfect conditions for us to visit Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo.  A full blog review can be found here. We had the best day! Elliot had so much fun that he didn't even have a naptime in the daytime and fell straight to sleep when we left at 430pm...we worked out that he must have walked at least 5 miles so poor little thing must have been exhausted!

We didn't fancy cooking so we decided to head back to the Farmhouse Grill. We noticed they were running an offer where you buy a starter and main and then your desert comes free. Perhaps our eyes were bigger than our belly but by the time my Cadbury's Mania Sundae arrived I was just about ready to pop! Fortunately I had a little helper who would never turn down ice cream ;)

There were a couple of girls in the restaurant tonight who were making balloon animals/things for the kids and doing face painting. Elliot was chuffed, he got a pirate scar on his face and a pirate sword! Arrr!

Day 4 - Tenby Bound

We were all pretty tired from yesterdays visit to Folly Farm so we weren't in any real rush, it was quite nice to take our time and just leave when we were ready. We decided to visit Tenby today. It was only a short drive but Elliot must have been zonked from all the walking yesterday because he fell asleep as soon as the car started - this was at 11am, we don't get early naps like this very often! Rather than wake him, we found a carpark overlooking the coastline and we just admired the views for a while. The beaches in South Wales are some of the best in the UK and Tenby is no exception. We parked above South Beach and the views across to Caldey Island are amazing.

When Elliot woke up we wandered along the Esplanade into town. The beach below was deserted but I can imagine it gets packed in the Summer. Tenby has lots of nice little shops - we couldn't resist popping into one of the old fashioned sweet shops!

We were spolit for choice when it came to picking somewhere for lunch but we had our handy Trip Advisor app to help us make a decision! We opted for The Mooring which according to their website is a cafe by day, and a restaurant by night. It's important for us when eating out that we go to kid-friendly places and the girls working at The Mooring couldn't have been more helpful. We were given a highchair, somewhere to leave our buggy, colouring and pencils , kids cutlery and were made to feel very welcome! For lunch Elliot and I had homemade fishfinger sandwiches and my husband had a pulled pork ciabatta roll. The food was amazing!! Even just writing this is making my mouth water ;) 

When we got back to Bluestone, we jumped in our buggy again and drove down to the Village. We grabbed some hot drinks from Millers Bakery (whilst resisting the welsh cakes!) and took a walk round the lake. There was hardly anyone around and it was lovely and peaceful.

We are really enjoying our stay at Bluestone so far - the fresh air, the comfy beds and most importantly, quality family time :)
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  1. Beautiful photos - looks like you are having a wonderful time. Love the shots of Tenby and that sweet shop looks awesome! :-)


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