Saturday 9 May 2015

Mister Maker Live Show - Just For Tots Butlins, Minehead

You might have guessed it from reading previous posts on here but Elliot is a bit CBeebies mad.  When he was a baby he just used to enjoy looking at all the bright colours but now he's a self assured  little toddler he's got his favourite presenters, his favourite songs and he knows exactly what he wants to watch! When we realised that our Butlins Just For Tots break co-incided with a live Mister Maker show, we were very happy! Elliot always joins in with the shape dancing and he always shouts "Frame it!!" when he's watching Mister Maker :)

Mister Maker was performing two shows at Minehead Butlins and having seen the size of the queue for the early show I knew it was going to be a popular one! We were lucky enough to meet Mister Maker in between his two shows and Elliot couldn't believe his eyes when he clapped eyes on him. Normally Elliot is very chatty and you can't shut him up but I think he got a bit star struck, it was a bit like the time we met Andy Day and he went mute! Mister Maker was absolutely lovely and really friendly to Elliot, he even gave him a signed colouring book - what a lucky little boy. (And top marks to MM for checking this blog to get the correct spelling of Elliot!!). Elliot managed to ask him a question about his favourite thing to make (you can find out what it was here) and my husband even did his interpretation of the shape dance for Mister Maker! After a few photos it was time for us to take our seats for the show...

The show kicked off with some footage of Mister Maker on his worldwide travels (he's a busy man!) to the sounds of Pompeii by Bastille - one of my favourite songs so we were off to a great start :) We then met the Redcoats and presenter Jenny who launched into an extremely catchy song which I've not been able to get out of my head since last week - one final countdown and Mister Maker and his Marvelous Maker Case were live on stage!

I wasn't sure what to expect from a Mister Maker live show but it was lots of fun, and perfect for the Just for Tots age group. There was lots of singing and dancing with lots of encouragement for the crowd to get up and dance and Elliot loved jumping up and down to Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes! There was lots of audience participation with a little girl and her Dad going up to assist with a minute make which involved making MM's face with items including flip flops and Mister Maker's spotty pants! In another section, some mums and dads were bought on stage to help make some animal makes - this bit was actually very funny and good on the parents being such good sports!

Mister Maker promised some very special guests...well, 4 very special guests...can you guess who they were?! I AM A SHAPE...I AM A SHAPE! Elliot loved this bit, and so did all the other kids from the looks of things. We got to hear a brand new Shapes song and again everyone was encouraged to get up for a dance!

The show was 45 minutes long and it went so fast, it was lots of fun for the children and Mister Maker really interacts with the audience.

Sadly this was Mister Maker's last show at Butlins but he will be touring the UK later on this year and into 2016. You can find out more here . We will definitely be keeping an eye out for local tour dates!

**Big thank you to Mister Maker and stage manager Dean for being so helpful backstage!**

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  1. Very cool, photos are great! M used to love this show, have seen plenty of them on our well used television but possibly too old for it now.

  2. My twins are huge fans too looks like you all had a great time great photos thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  3. Our girls love Mister Maker! Sounds like you had fun. Great post! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky


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