Tuesday 2 June 2015

Braun CoolTec CT2s-w Review

As part of my Father's Day gift guide, we were sent a Braun Cooltec CT2s-w Shaver to review. As I'm lacking in the facial hair department I handed this review over to my husband and here's what he had to say....

Braun CoolTec CT2s-w Review

I was a Philishave user from the day I was old enough to shave (I’m not far off 40 now!).  Two years ago I got fed up with splashing out for expensive and poor quality Philishave units which just break after just 6 months use.  On the third unit I jumped ships and I decided to move from Philishave 3 rounded heads to the more traditional dual horizontal heads of Braun.  A decision I am pleased to have made.  My first impression of my new Braun razor was how better the build quality is.  It was heavier and felt more solid and the shave was pretty close.  I had been using this for two years (and only needed to change the head once in this time).

I received the CoolTec CT2s-w electric razor and have been using it for 3 weeks now.  My first impression was also how good the build quality is.  Heavy, like it’s predecessor, and contoured to fit in my hand perfectly.  The first thing to do is give it a full charge.  My first surprise was there there is no power socket on the razor to charge it directly from mains.  Charging is via the provided dock which needed to be assembled first.  The razor can only be charged via the dock which is disappointing when I travel because this dock takes up valuable space in my bag!  Not a massive issue, charge generally lasts me about 5-7 days, enough for most trips away!

My skin has never been sensitive to shaving so I didn’t care about the active cooling technology which is this razor’s biggest selling point. However, within a few seconds, the integrated electro ceramic element against my face felt good it really did cool my skin as I shaved.  It was a bit odd at first but I soon got used to it and when I went back to my two year old Braun razor (I was away for a week and wanted to razor that I could charge directly from mains without a dock!) the active cooling was something I missed.

Cleaning the CoolTec CT2s-w was also really easy.  The head pops off much easier than my other Braun and cleaning under running warm water is all that is needed.  The CoolTec CT2s-w itself is waterproof to 5m (why you want to go 5m is anyone’s guess!) but assume this is why there is no power socket.

Overall, this is a really impressive electric shaver.  Probably the best one I have used and one I will be using for a long time.  I am not sure just how long the heads will last, I usually change them every 18 Months, sometimes later than this.

Disclaimer: We received the shaver for the purpose of this honest review. All views are my husband's own

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  1. Sounds like your husband was well thrilled with this. I have been looking for a razor to buy my hairy man, will have a look into this one. Thank you for linking with #snotallaboutyou

  2. I dropped my hubby's shaver a couple of weeks ago *insert choice expletive here* and he just can't decide on a replacement and I'm fed up of the moaning about shaving with a normal razor.Will suggest this one x #snotallaboutyou


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