Wednesday 24 June 2015

Caboodle Everyday Baby Changing Bag - Review

My husband thinks I have a bit of a problem with bags because my wardrobe is full of them - I just love them, and the more pockets the better! When Caboodle offered me the chance to review one of their lovely changing bags from the Everyday range, I jumped at the chance. I've only ever had the changing bag that came free with my pram so I thought it would be great to use a proper changing bag...with lots of compartments and pockets!

Although Elliot is no longer a baby, I do still need to take a bag out with us. You'd think that the older they get, the less stuff you need but I find I probably need even more things now which means I need a decent sized bag to carry it all in.

I was sent the Caboodle changing bag in grey/raspberry and first impressions were good. I love the design, it's a bit different to my old black changing bag and the colours aren't too girly which is good for me! The inside has a cute starry print which I love.

The bag has a large inside compartment with a divider which is great for organising your bits and bobs and also features lots of compartments - yay! It has two outside pockets on the front, a zipped pocket on the back, and then inside has another zipped pocket plus three compartments. As a parent we need to carry so much stuff and you don't necessarily want everything jumbled into the same section so it's really useful to be able to separate things.

The bag comes with a changing mat , a bottle bag and a grubby stuff bag which will be so useful, I've lost track of the times I've had dirty clothes and just had to wrap them up or put them in a carrier bag.

The quality of the bag feels really durable and unlike some bags, the zips are really chunky which is perfect for a bag such as this. I don't know about your children but Elliot is always fishing around in my bag for snacks and I would be happy for him to open/close this himself without worrying he would break the zip.

Another reason I like this bag is because the strap is really long - it can be shortened and hung on a buggy of course but for a mum on the go, being able to wear it across my chest is a definite bonus!

I've been using this bag for the last week or so and it has been very usable and perfect for my needs. There is plenty of space for all the items I need to take out such as spare nappies, snacks, toys, books, spare clothes etc. Right now it is packed and ready to go for a day out tomorrow and I've even managed to fit in a towel and swimming shorts for Elliot!

Overall, I would definitely recommend these changing bags if you are in need of a new one - and right now, they are on offer at £24 on the Caboodle website which is a bargain :)

Disclaimer: We received the bag for the purpose of this honest review. All views are my own

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  1. I'm getting serious caboodle bag envy! Great review x

  2. Cute bag - sometimes I find too many pockets a pain though! #brilliantblogposts

    1. Definitely, if you're hunting for your keys and have to check every pocket!

  3. This bag is really pretty! You're right, even though we have toddlers now, we still have to carry loads of stuff! I've been using normal messenger bags but they fall apart so quickly from being hung on the pushchair so much, so perhaps an actually changing bag would be more durable. I will definitely keep this in mind and £24 isn't too bad! #MMWBH Sabrina xx

  4. Ace review and fab bag! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogpots x


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