Friday 20 January 2017

Cool Tops for Baby Girls

 I'll just start by saying that I am the least girly girl there is - fashion baffles me and my wardrobe is generally made of shirts, hoodies and jeans! When I discovered I was having a baby girl, I did have a initial panic - girly stuff, eeeeek!!! That only got worse when I started looking at all the cute baby clothes in the shops -

Fortunately, I've since managed to find soooo many nice things that aren't too fussy and girly. I'm not completely opposed to pink but you'll notice there's a distinct lack of pinkness on my outfit choices below!

Top (Left to Right):



I absolutely love the Unicorn sweatshirt from Zara and I'm definitely going to be picking one of those up for the new arrival. I've never shopped in Zara before but I've discovered they have some really lovely baby bits so I'll definitely be popping in the next time I'm in Southampton!

The Diary of an Ordinary Mum

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  1. Yes my husband always sends me 12 roses on Valentine's Day


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