Thursday 19 January 2017

Pregnancy Update ~ Second Baby (Week 39 - FINAL UPDATE WOOHOO!)

Well (finally) I have almost reached the end of my pregnancy - woohoo! As of today I am 39 weeks pregnant and booked in for my c-section at some point next week....although only a few people know the exact date. Got to have a bit of mystery haven't we ;)

Despite the majority of my pregnancy flying by, this past week has just been SO slow. I did originally try not to make too many plans and attempt to take it easy but that plan didn't work, I've been out and about pretty much every day - anything to pass the time!

I had my last clinic at the hospital last week so I don't have to see the dietitian regarding Gestational Diabetes again - which is good because I cannot tell you how much time I have wasted sat in the waiting room waiting for my appointments!! I spent over 3 hours at the hospital last week and my appointment lasted about 30 seconds...grrr. Still, that's done with now. I'm still testing my blood sugars 4 times a day and taking medication to control my levels but the hospital are very happy with my numbers...phew!

My final appointment is my pre-op meeting. I didn't have one of these last time as I ended up having an emergency c-section but I've been told that they will just take some bloods, get me to sign consent forms and go through what will happen on the day. Exciting/scary stuff!

I've been feeling quite tired this week but apart from that, really well. I'm sure by this point in Elliot's pregnancy I was in hibernation mode and really suffering from a bad back. I stopped driving a few weeks before he was born too as a) it was uncomfortable with a big bump and b) my Nan said I shouldn't be driving whilst so pregnant hah! But I suppose with a second pregnancy, life has to go on and there's another person to think about already! Elliot still needs to get to his swimming/sports classes/parties so I'm still driving......sorry Nan ;)

I've been fending off the inevitable messages this week from friends enquiring if I've had the baby yet - I know they mean well but I have to be honest, it does drive me up the wall! I've even started to purposely check myself into places on Facebook when I go out so people know I'm not in labour yet and jump to conclusions! #noImnotinlabouryet

We're out! I'm not in labour!

The supermarkets all seem to have baby events at the moment so I stocked up some more nappies and wipes this week. I also picked up some items such as bath toys, sudocrem, back seat mirror and a really lovely play mat. I think I have everything I need now but my theory is the shops are open 24/7 so if we're desperate, we'll be ok! My kitchen is starting to look like a shrine to Tommee Tippee - we were lucky enough to be sent a big box of items to test out such as an electric steriliser so look out for some reviews coming over the next few weeks once baby is here and we find our feet :) (And read the instructions...)

So that's it, my final update - this time next week we should be a family of four! I'm so excited to start the next chapter and looking forward to blogging my way through the baby years. I'm just hoping we manage to get some sleep!

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  1. Ah- so exciting! All the best for delivering, meeting and introducing your new bundle of joy next week! I remember these feelings well! My little one was two weeks overdue in the end! Eeeek! My first was 15 years old though- so I was thankful that he was relatively self sufficient and as it was the summer hols he even kept me company tip the early hours when I couldn't sleep (movies and ice-cream galore!). Well done on having a baby, a little one and a blog all at once! You are amazing! xx

  2. good luck on that whole sleep thing! with m y second baby i felt like whenever someone was napping the other someone was up and couldn't be left alone. You will get through it though! I will will be thinking of you and hoping for a safe birth and quick recovery! congrats on your beautiful family! #bestandworst.

  3. Nearly there hope all goes well I'm sure it will Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  4. Oooo! Good luck this is so exciting! I hope all goes well! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  5. Good luck, hope everything goes well :) I'm just 25 weeks at the moment, but I'm sure 39 weeks will come up quicker than we think!

  6. Ahhhh soo exciting!!Good luck with everything, will be excited to hear your news xx #maternitymondays

  7. I'm loving the baby events too. I have't put my pregnancy on Facebook-partly because of what you said above and partly to see which of my friends read my blog haha how funny is that?!
    I am so excited the end is nigh. I know you've got a lot on but please do a post on what you're putting in your hospital bag as I need something to copy for mine :)

    Yay. Good luck with it all xxx #MaternityMondays

  8. Ohh ohhh I wonder if you're having your section today?? How exciting and the best of luck. Please do pop back to the #bestandworst with your birth announcement!

  9. This is so exciting! I am really looking forward to your next update and wish you all the best with the c-section. #MaternityMondays


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