Wednesday 11 January 2017

The Annoying Things People Say & Do When You're Pregnant!

I'm not sure what it is about pregnancy but sometimes it feels like this gives people a free pass to make silly comments, ask ridiculous questions or encroach your personal space! I've noticed this more and more recently and it seems I'm not alone - I had an overwhelming response when I reached out to fellow parent bloggers about the annoying things people had said. Are us pregnant ladies just overly sensitive?! 

Here's a selection of some of the most annoying things that have been said or done to a pregnant lady.....

- "Wow you're huge, are you sure there's only one in there?" - Yes I'm quite sure thanks, I think they might have spotted twins on the very first scan! And thanks for that vote of confidence..

- "Hello tubs!" - grrr, yes I am overweight and no I wouldn't expect you to say that to me normally so why do you think being pregnant makes it any different?! It's still bloody rude! 

- Bump touching. Just no!! 

- "Are you allowed to eat that?" - Oh I'm not sure, you're obviously the expert, you tell me!

- Checked in on Facebook to my hairdressers - within a few minutes somebody had commented and asked if this meant I was in labour. Erm, yep, this is top of my priorities when my waters break!

- The weeks leading up to the birth when you get a barrage of text messages asking if you've had the baby me, I will tell you once the baby arrives! You don't need to keep asking!! 

'You'd better catch up on your sleep now, you won't be getting any for a while...' - was my pet peeve comment while pregnant. Yes, because I have a sleeping bank I can simply store up for months down the line - also, I have to pee every 40 minutes, and can sleep in one position and one position only, how much sleep can I really get? Kirsty @ Life With Boys

"Wow, you're bump has got bigger since the last time I saw you" when you haven't seen someone for a few months....well, yes that is the ideal plan with pregnancy. It's just the shock from some people that you have grown, I'm not really sure what else they expect (although I'll admit, I do this now with my pregnant friends ha!) Abi @ Something About Baby

Mine was always the opposite 'Arent you small!' heard it constantly when pregnant with Charlotte and I think people expected me to be huge simply because I was carrying a baby! Emma @ Me, The Man & The Kids

I've had two girls, first pregnancy everyone was 'oh you must be so pleased it's a girl' errr why? Second time the same people were 'oh no! Boys are so much easier' I mean seriously!! Kirsty @ Winnettes 

When I told people I was pregnant with my second boy, I got lots of "oh that's a shame" and "I bet you wanted one of each". I'm very happy to have another boy on the way, thank you! Becky @ The Family Beehive

"Can I feel your bump?" whilst already slathering their hands all over me. Friends, family, complete strangers in the street; one time in the chemist a man asked to have a feel and when I said no he looked aghast and told me "I was only being nice!" Sophia @ Tattooed Tealady

"Are you sure there's only one in there? You're huge!" Lauren @ Mummy is a Gadget Geek

"Oh your putting weight on your face too" (2nd preg) and 1st pregnancy "oh your putting weight on all round!" Kirsty @ Kirsty Dee

"Make sure you get some sleep now, as once the baby's here you won't get any!" you can somehow bank sleep up! Nicola @ All Things Spliced

"Oh you don't look pregnant yet!" Yepp thanks for that!! It's puppy fat ...Amy @ The Smallest of Things

"What did your mum say?!" In fairness I was 19 and it wasn't planned so fair enough but it made me feel like a naughty 14 year old haha! Maddy @ The Speed Bump

On telling people I was having identical twins "oh I bet you hope they're a boy and girl" #facepalm Beth @ Twinderelmo

"You can tell you're having a girl, your bottom's bigger." Said by a work colleague. Yeah, thanks for that. (Also how would that even be a thing??) Rebecca @ The Ish Mother

I remember being at work and having a colleage tell me "I totally knew you were pregnant... your boobs are now HUGEEE" - this was a male colleage too! Emily @ Emily and Indiana

It wasn't so much what people said but more what people did, the non consented touching of my bump used to irritate me! Actually thinking about I worked in a nursery and got a lot of "oh you'll be fine you work with kids!" Nope... I wasn't. It was very very different!  Siobhan @ The Baby Boat Diaries 

"Was it planned?" The most annoying question ever! Why must people be so invasive? Amy @ Amy and Tots

"Who's the father?" or Asking my wife who the Dad of our baby is!  (Lesbian couple) Laura @ Mama, Eden & Me and Vikki @ Mum Times Two

Making jokey remarks about how much of my bump was baby and how much was food - I put on a lot of weight. Good job I'm not easily offended! Lucy @ Real Mum Reviews

Whilst trying to squeeze past me this morning "can you breathe in love?"  I'm nine months pregnant... Hollie @ Thrifty Mum

Asked me if I knew what I was expecting. Then proceeded to have a go one i said boy! "Why did you find out? You've ruined your birth as you won't get the surprise"... Blah blah! Amy @ All Things Amy

Pregnant with my 3rd boy everyone was asking: "Oh you really wanted to try for a girl this time then??" Sara @ Mind Your Mamma 

Have you had any unwanted comments from friends, family or strangers?! 

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  1. Haha! YES. I remember all these. I especially hated the bump touching. Total strangers. So weird.

  2. Being pregnant really sparks some annoying conversations doesn't it! thanks for including me :) x

  3. Yeh they are all really annoying. People always think they know best and can say what they like. But they just need to keep it to themselves. I really try and be better now! #CoolMumClub

  4. omg did someone say "hello tubs"?? I'd have slapped them i think! I always got "you're very small still" like i was doing it wrong, or they were somehow doubting me! The bump touchers i absolutely hated. You wont touch a non pregnant stranger! I always desperately wanted to say "i'm not pregnant, i just had a big lunch". #coolmumclub

  5. It was when I said I was pregnant and people were like "Are you??" I am a big lady but I thought there was a noticeable difference! The thing that gets me most though is as soon as you say you are pregnant peoplease start telling you horror stories from their birth, or horrible things they read in a mag. As if you don't have enough to worry about, it makes you panic and you just really want them to shut up and if anything tell you to just go with it if anything.

  6. I kept getting asked would I have more after 2? I'd not even had my second girl! Honestly, sometimes I think people don't know what to say so try to be nice but it doesn't work. Thanks for linking with #bestandworst x

  7. I wrote a similar one a few months ago - honest to god I reckon I could write a blog post daily about the stupid things people say when you're pregnant or when you have a baby. Utterly ridic. #fridayfrolics

  8. Get some sleep in while you can is the most ANNOYING thing you can say to a pregnant lady. Like you say you can't store those hours up and also have they tried sleeping when they have a baby inside of them playing rugby! No. #FridayFrolics

  9. Ugh, people drove me crazy when I was preggo. I HATED when randoms would try to touch my belly. Fuckers. These are all pretty accurate. Thanks for sharing! #FridayFrolics

  10. Nothing makes a pregnant woman feel better than hearing "You're so big!" Lol. Great post! #fridayfrolics

  11. I always hated the 'was it planned' and 'are you happy'. Yes and Yes but how rude!!! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  12. I've been pregnant to full-term 6 times, and only ONCE have I ever had someone touch my belly! And even then it was someone I knew and she asked me first. Where are all these belly-touching strangers? (Not that I'm complaining, it sounds creepy!)


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