Friday 6 January 2017

Newborn Wishlist - When there's always more things to buy ;)

With Baby B's arrival due in just a few weeks I've been trying to get myself organised. Fortunately I kept lots of Elliot's baby bits so I've not needed to buy the big things like a cot or pram but when there are so many lovely things on the baby market, I have done a sneaky bit of online shopping for some bits that perhaps aren't totally essential!!

I'm not one for traipsing around the shops (shopping can be hard with a 4 year in tow!) so I buy most things online for convenience. During my online travels I found LovetheSales which I've found some great baby bargains on. Basically rather than visiting lots of different websites looking for bargains, you can find around 500 retailers in one place.

Here's some bargains which I've got my eye on...

Tommee Tippee Essentials Baby Bottle Kit - £94.99
Tommee Tippee was one of my favourite brands when Elliot was a baby and I love this essentials kit. It can work out quite pricy to buy things separately so to be able to get this bundle and have everything you need for bottle feeding is a godsend!

Minene Unisex Storage Basket - £21.50
I'm not one for things that are too pink so I love these bright and colourful storage baskets. Babies come with alot of clutter (nappies....wipes....muslins....)  so these would be really handy for keeping the house tidy.

Polar Gear Go Anywhere Pram Organiser - £6.99
These organisers are brilliant for attaching to the pram to keep your essentials to hand, you generally need about 5 pairs of hands when you're out and about with the baby so I'm all for things that make things easier! I used to get the bus alot with Elliot and it saved alot of time rooting around in the bottom of my changing bag for coins!

Fisher Price Sunny Days Bouncer - £29.99
Love the colours on this unisex bouncer. Elliot spent many a happy time in his old bouncer so I will definitely be upgrading to a lovely new one like this :)

BT Baby Monitor - £75
We're planning on reusing our AngelCare monitor for this baby but that hasn't stopped me having a little look at others on the market. This one is a colour video monitor which is a step up from our old black and white one and it even plays lullabies!

Chicco Next to Me Crib - £139.99
We didn't have anything like this with Elliot as he outgrew his moses basket in a few weeks and went straight into his cot! But I like the idea of having the baby next to me without the risks of bed sharing and this clever little crib can even be set at an incline to help with colic or colds.

What were your best buys for your newborn?

*Via LovetheSales

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